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Personal Injury Lawyer Raleigh NC

Every day someone in North Carolina is hurt in an accident because of someone else’s negligence or reckless behavior. The accidents causing these injuries can occur in a car or on a bike. They can also happen on the street due to someone’s failure to maintain a walkway or keep a store’s floor clean from the debris. 

Victims of accidents not only suffer from the physical pain of their injury, but they also incur financial losses due to medical bills, property damage, lost income, pain, suffering, and more. Some accident victims also face a lifetime of financial challenges because of a permanent disability. 

 That’s why Will Webb dedicates himself to helping victims and families recover from the damage caused by an accident. He works tirelessly to protect his client’s rights and advocates zealously to makes sure victims receive the financial compensation they deserve. He fights with determination and skill to ensure that the people responsible for the accident are held accountable for their negligence. 

 If you have been injured in a car, pedestrian, motorcycle accident, or DUI accident in Wake County, Will Web Law is legal counsel that you can depend on to advise you on your legal rights and help win the compensation you deserve. Contact Will Webb today to discover how he can help.

Personal Injury Law Services

With over 30 years of private practice experience, Will Webb has done it all and seen it all when it comes to personal injury cases. Through his law office, Will Webb has helped clients in matters related to:

  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Collisions with commercial vehicles
  • Slip and falls
  • Government entity claims,
  • Multi-car accidents,
  • Mental and emotional distress, and 
  • Wrongful death

 When it comes to personal injury matters, the sooner you hire an attorney to assist you, the better the chances of maximizing your case’s outcome. Will Webb is dedicated to helping his clients get the compensation they need to recover and move on with their lives. Contact Well Webb Law today to schedule a consultation.

Client Testimonials

I hired Mr Webb to represent me and was completely satisfied with the whole process from start to finish. His staff treated me with great respect and was very professional. I recommend this Law Firm to anyone needing their services. 

Ricky R.


I am very pleased with this firm and what they have done for me in my case. Not that I want to have to call them again, but they are my go-to for legal help with traffic violations.
G. Williams


I can not say enough positive things about Will Webb & Staff. They have helped me immensely over the years. They are extremely nice, talented and all-around good people. Thanks!

Chris M.

Business Owner

Will was with me every step of the way in my case, made me feel confident that we were going to get through it. Will knows how to get around the court system downtown!

Jake H.

Business Owner

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